Akribis manufactures ironless core linear servo motors, iron core linear servo motors, voice coil motors, and rotary direct drive motors. Providing direct drive solutions from a few grams of force, to 10,000 N of force, Akribis has standard and custom solutions to address most applications.


Allied Motion's offers both high torque density brushless servo motors for precision velocity and positioning applications, as well as high pole count housed and frameless brushless torque motors.  Frameless models are designed for direct integration with the driven shaft or gear train. Housed models conform to NEMA standards, and can be equipped with a precision optical encoder.

Motors are available from 19 mm to 1.2 m in diameter. Custom-engineered models to meet specific requirements including feedback, gearing, and electronics are Allied Motion’s specialty.


Orbex Group – Orbex Group offers brushed and brushless motors from 8 mm diameter up to 57 mm diameters. Motors are offered with optional gearboxes and encoders. Motors are available with coreless construction for superior power density and smoothness as well as conventional iron core construction.

ThinGap is a world leader in high performance brushless motor technology. Our industry leading technologies replace the conventional iron core motor with an ironless composite stator and high energy lightweight rotor. Together these technologies provide unprecedented power and torque density, mechanical flexibility, smoothness, and efficiency.

ThinGap motors can be purchased as either a motor kit, with separate rotor and stator pieces, or a complete motor, with or without feedback.

Trust – Trust Automation offers higher performance brushed and brushless servo motors ranging from 30 watts to 7 kilowatts.