Advanced Motion Controls


America’s largest supplier of digital and analog servo amplifiers. Ideally suited for embedded applications with plug in modules, for either brush or brushless motors where size, price, and performance are paramount.



Akribis Systems, Ltd


Akribis Systems designs and manufactures motors, stages, and precision systems that are used in equipment for manufacturing, inspection, and testing. Akribis Systems supplies linear servo motors, rotary motors, air bearing stages, direct drive stages, voice coil motors, and more to support a wide range of industries including semiconductor, flat panel, data storage, photonics, biomedical and electronics manufacturing.



Allied Motion, Inc.


Allied Motion develops advanced motion control products and systems, both custom and standard, primarily for the aerospace and defense, automation and robotics, medical, and vehicle markets. Products include brushless motors, torque motors, gear motors, custom actuators, and numerous other solutions.





NANOMOTION designs and manufactures advanced motion systems, sub-system modules and piezo motor/drive components. Based on proprietary ultrasonic standing wave piezoelectric technology, Nanomotion’s motors and motion solutions are suitable for a diversified range of applications from optronics to semiconductor, from medical to metrology and other industrial applications.



Nidec Shimpo


NIDEC-SHIMPO has established itself as the leading supplier of precision gearing solutions to the industrial automation marketplace. As the global market for motion control and mechatronics grew at an accelerated rate, NIDEC-SHIMPO has focused on accelerating production volumes to keep up with our customers’ increasing requirements. Today, our company is shipping over 100,000 gearheads per month. Our diverse product portfolio, state-of-the-art equipment, engineering know-how and manufacturing scale allow our customers to compete and expand their businesses globally.


Our product portfolio consists of planetary, strain wave, and cycloidal gearheads, as well as index table and worm gear products. The result for our customers is a single source drive solutions supplier.



Orbex Group


A leading supplier of slip rings and miniature motors for commercial, industrial, and military applications. Common applications are robotics, security cameras, medical devices, and instrumentation. Standard slip ring version include miniature capsule, through hole, and harsh environment models, while brushed, brushless, and servo motors are available.



Trust Automation


Systems integration and custom product design.  Trust possesses expertise in electrical, mechanical, and software engineering disciplines. Standard products included linear servo amplifiers for high precision, noise sensitive applications and custom multi-axis amplifier solutions.



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