Novel Optics – Novel is one of the largest manufacturers of optical components and lens assemblies in China with technical and post sales support provided in the United States by OpHill, their US subsidiary.  Spanning from consumer to precision, Novel is an excellent solution for cost sensitive applications.

Spectrum Scientific, Inc. (SSI) has been a global manufacture of holographic diffraction gratings and replicated optics since 2004.

Spectrum Scientific experts can replicate a wide variety of holographic diffraction gratings, including plane, convex, concave, toroidal and aspheric gratings. Our diffraction gratings are available with blazed or sinusoidal profiles. Spectrum Scientific’s proprietary blazing technique ensures that our blazed diffraction gratings offer high efficiency coupled with very low stray light. We are one of the few companies with the capability to manufacture blazed holographic concave gratings.

Spectrum Scientific also manufactures high precision replicated optics, which includes spherical and aspheric mirrors (on or off-axis parabolic mirrors, elliptical mirrors, toroidal mirrors and cylinders) as well as retroreflectors, nanostructures, hybrid optics and complex optics.

In addition to components, Spectrum Scientific offers a comprehensive design and manufacturing service, supplying custom designed spectrograph modules for OEM customers.